Who am I?
I am woman - sentient, loving, having a family and varied hobbies, likes to challenge. Like most, sometimes things annoy me sometimes delight, upset, make me laugh. Oh, Agnes Orzechowska an ordinary human.
Roaming Outside the Box
From an early age I had an unusual contact with 'the other side' and a completely different view of the world. Solid and consistent shape of what I make is based on strong foundations: family tradition, spiritual messeges, and experience in assistance to many people.


Things I'm good at

Karma Cleansing
Energy Healing
Spiritual Painting
Dream Interpretation

A Few Case Studies

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    Energy Healing

    Today, I would also like to share with you my newest thoughts.

    I woke up this morning at 7:00 feeling as light as a feather and full of energy, I decided to wash windows, vacuumed the entire house, ate breakfast, took a shower and went to work smiling.

    I am writing to you about obvious things but for me they were not as such for a long time.

    You are INCREDIBLE!!!! I cannot wait for the next „treatment”

    Warm regards




Karma Cleansing – $240
  • 2 sessions of cutting harmful karmic burden
  • +Complete diagnosis of energy
  • ++Interpretation of a few dreams
Clairvoyance – $50-$150, depend on issue
  • Insights in matters beyond conventional means
  • Reveive precise-as-possible informations about unknown
Dream Interpretation – $15
  • One of the best tools in personal development
  • Dreams are answers to numerous question and can help in the most important things in your life
Spiritual Painting – $500
  • Soul on canvas – Image of your personal spirituality which improve connection with Heavens
  • ++Free delivery
Remote Energy Healing – $250
  • Cleansing, strenghtening your personal energy: chakras, meridians, auras
  • Complete Analysis
  • ++Free dream interpretations
Passing Soul Guidance – $70
  • Help for lost souls with their way to Light
  • +Balancing chakras&energy field


clairvoyant readings

clairvoyant readings


psychic healing

psychic healing


best psychic

best psychic in the world



Please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information about my work. I am available Mon – Sat, Sunday is a day of rest.

Phone: 777.777.7777

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